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Sustainability and environment

Our responsible treatment of wood

Conserving resources

Parquet stands for naturality and sustainability. It consists of a renewable and CO2-neutral resource. In our products, we take care to use raw materials in a way that is gentle on resources.

For this reason, the entire T&W range is made up of multi-layered parquet, with the corresponding noble wood only used for the upper cover layer. The natural robustness of the wood also makes parquet products especially durable.

Wood from legal forestry

As part of the European Timber Regulation (EUTR), we are required to demonstrate the legal origin of the wood in order to counteract illegal deforestation and its negative impacts on the environment. This Regulation governs the transparency of supply chains, inspection of the legality of imported goods from non-EU countries and the credible documentation by importers for the entire EU.

In order to satisfy the requirements and implementation of due diligence, we have furthermore joined the Monitoring Organisation of GD Holz.

We are CO₂ neutral

Our contribution to climate protection

Together with climate protection agency natureOffice GmbH, we have been creating a CO2 climate balance in line with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol since 2020.

For the corresponding compensation, we have become involved with the "TOGO" climate protection project in West Africa for natural wood reforestation. This natural wood reforestation project not only stands for certified tying up of carbon, but also for the improvement of social structures, self-supporting value creation units and systems for energy production, water supply, better infrastructures for health and education and is supported by proven experts from the scientific community and civil society. In future, our company will continue working on improving our CO2 footprint by taking suitable measures.

If you want to know more about the “TOGO” project, you can view further information via our tracking number on the website:

Further information

Certificate from natureOffice
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