What you need to know

All about the details

3-layer parquet

Structural stability from top to bottom and easy installation

To enable us to offer you the best possible structural stability and maximum product quality, our entire range is manufactured as resource-friendly 3-layer parquet, consisting of a high-quality authentic wood wear layer, a solid wood central layer and a corresponding balancing layer.

Our longitudinal and face-side click system makes installation quick, secure and made to fit.


As a formality here are our sizes

Engineered parquet in various sizes and formats

Our 3-layer engineered parquet comes in various sizes and formats. We offer a suitable solution for every living space. Whether classic standard width, narrow floorboard, maxi-strip or even XXL floorboards – give your home a personal touch.


Simply well graded...

Various grades for every taste

Select your favourites from our highly varied grades: simple and calm with our Natural, a little more lively with the Country or Knotted for a lively, rustic character. Create a living feeling just the way you picture it.


  • Natural, calm texture
  • Small pin knots possible
  • Slight colour variations

Slightly knotted

  • Lively texture with colour variations
  • Slight splint and knotted parts possible


  • Expressive character with texture and colour variations
  • More pronounced knotting pattern


  • Rustic character with texture and colour variations
  • Pronounced knotting pattern
  • Grouted cracks and splint parts possible

... and with an outstanding texture

A variety of parquet surfaces

Discover texture differences you can really feel with the smooth, brushed, hand-planed or deeply brushed surfaces. Hand-worked longitudinal cracks, traditional swallow tails and carved-out knotted textures additionally give the parquet an incomparable charm.

Colour variety

The versatility of parquet

A wide range of different colours

... and that’s not all!

Oak is more than just simply oak... from the natural oak colour and white oiled or smoked types to the dark, core smoked variant, we offer you a wide range of colours. The larch and North American woods with their own colours complete our range.

Discover our diverse parquet range.

Surface finishing

Oiled parquet flooring

There are many reasons to opt for oiled parquet flooring. The natural, air-drying oil does not form a film, but instead penetrates the wood pores, cures there and makes the wood surface resistant from the inside out. This keeps the direct contact to the wood intact – a pleasant, warm feeling under your feet. The open-pored yet well protected wood surface extensively retains the natural properties of the wood, remains breathable and adds to a healthy room climate by its ability to absorb moisture and release it again. After years of use, the surface can be renewed without any need for sanding, while partial improvements are possible at any time.

Matt lacquered parquet flooring

The matt lacquered wood surface gets its protection and ideal durability from the outside through multiple applications of lacquer to form a film. This is low-maintenance, dirt-repellent and closely resembles the naturally matt look of the oil surface.

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